Cleaning Robot

Robot for cleaning of solar photovoltaic modules

Cleaning the surface of photoelectric modules allows to significantly increase the amount of electricity produced. The cleaning problem is especially acute during the summer months, when, in the presence of bright Sun, due to the scarcity of rain, the modules are covered with a layer of dust, and the electricity produced by solar modules is considerably reduced.

SolVar Systems has developed a robot for cleaning the photovoltac modules. It allows automatically to clean the solar photovoltaic modules, and to increase the efficiency of the modules by up to 30-50%.

The cleaning robot is equipped with an autonomous power supply system, which converts solar energy into electricity, ensuring the robot's constant power supply, eliminating the need for regular recharging of electric batteries.

The developed cleaning robot is economically viable and allows, with a small investment, to increase significantly the efficiency of the photovoltaic plant, to generate more electricity, especially during the summer months, in the presence of bright Sun.

    The robot can be used with the following forms.

  • By remote control, i.e. the operator can turn on the robot at any time via the remote control module and perform cleaning.
  • The robot will perform the cleaning automatically, according to the cleaning schedule entered in advance by the user.
  • With the help of the developed dust sensor, the robot can, by registering the presence of dust, perform the cleaning in automatic mode, i.e. clean the solar modules when it is needed. Note that the certain level of the dust for starting the cleaning is selected and entered in advance by the user.

    The developed robot has the following advantages compared to the known analogs:

  • Different forms of use and opportunities,
  • Automatic cleaning mode, controlled by the new type dust sensor,
  • Autonomous power supply, via solar energy,
  • Low cost.