Solar Phototvoltaic and Thermal Hybrid Converter - PVT

A solar energy converter has been developed that converts the solar energy into both electric and thermal energies (hybrid, two in one). It is a combination of a solar photovoltaic module and new type heat-absorbing panel, which is the latest development of SolVar Systems. The heat-absorbing panel of a hybrid converter absorbs the heat of a solar photovoltaic module, reduces its operating temperature, which brings to increasing of the efficiency of the photovoltaic module and generating of more electricity. Absorbed heat energy is transferred to water, i.e. water is heated at the same time, which is used for various purposes.

    PVT converter has the following advantages
  • Increased efficiency of the solar photovoltaic modules, i.e. more electricity is generated, due to the reducing of the operating temperature.
  • Obtaining additional thermal energy.
  • Low cost, due to the using of new type heat-absorbing panel, with simple production process, which is the latest development of SolVar Systems;
  • Smaller required areas compared to existing separated individual photovoltaic and heating systems.

    Areas of application
  • Generated electricity and hot water can be used for household and business purposes (workshops, agricultural enterprises, hotels, sanatoriums, rest houses, etc.).
  • The PVT hybrid converter successfully can be used to heat pool water and generate the electricity with increased efficiency.