Solar boat

Brief description

In solar powered electric boats the solar energy is transformed into electric energy by semiconductor solar cells, and this energy is used for sailing. Solar electric boat has several advantages:

- no petrol or other fuel is needed for operation (it is absolutely independent from a gas station like you’d need for a motor boat);

- only the solar energy is used for its operation;

- it is ecologically absolutely clean, not pollute the air, water, and it is silent;

- minimal maintenance and long operation period.

The solar electric boats can be used for excursions, eco-tourism trips, as a sailing rental boat, or for other different needs. It is intended for sailing in beautiful nature environs and natural resorts.

    The main technical parameters of prototype:
  • type of solar boat – catamaran;
  • normal use - 1- 6 people;
  • speed – 10 km/hr;
  • working period without the sun – 4 hr;
  • sailing distance without the sun – 40 km;
  • dimensions - length 7 m, width 3 m.

New innovated photovoltaic panels are used in our solar boats. Our panels have following advantages:

-         Less weight (several times);

-         Wider solar radiation spectrum absorption (increased efficiency);

-         Easy production technology, without needs of vacuum and high temperatures;

-         Cost effectivity.

It is possible to design and develop the high quality, modern and cost-effective solar electric boats in accordance with the needs of customer.

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