Solar Water Pumping System

The solar water pumping systems easily allow users in villages and remote areas to draw enough water for the domestic use of inhabitants, for the watering of cattle and for irrigation. The solar water pumping systems are almost maintenance free, and has long operation period. Moreover, there is a natural match between the availability of sunlight and the need for water. The PV systems pump more water on higher solar insolation, typically when more water is needed.
Solar water pump installed in Echmiadzin, Armenia  


Parameters of pump:
  • power - 1680 Watt
  • productivity - 130 liter per minute
  • daily average productivity - 80.000 liter
  • dimentions - 3.3m x 3.5m x 2.5m

Our innovative approach allows to design and elaborate the different cost-effective solar powered water pumping systems in accordance with the needs.
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